iPad iOS 5 Update

The latest iOS (version 5) from Apple Inc. comes with a lot of features. When incorporated in various iOS 5 related devices, they provide scope for the development of a plethora of amazing app in the near future.

iCloud Storage

This API from iOS 5 facilitates the users to store their important documents and data and push the changes that follow automatically to other devices. The iCloud Storage is a huge platform to provide functionalities for many upcoming apps.

Notification Center

The Notification Center manages various iPad iOS 5 Apps notifications without disturbing the users in the middle of him using some other app. It basically builds up on the already existing notification system and enables the existing notifications work (local and push). The push notifications are inbuilt in the Xcode now for ease of implementation.


With iOS 5 get Newsstand which is a new folder in the homescreen on the iOS 5 based devices. It renders it possible to publish the latest issues of magazines and newspapers directly into it. The Newsstand Kit provides for your latest issues stacked up to read later. It also provides facility to the users to manage their in-app purchases in terms of auto-renewable subscriptions easily and helps provision apps for In-App purchase within Xcode.

Automatic Reference Counting(ARC)

The Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) for the Objective C – enabled with Apple's LLVM compiler makes all the memory management job of the iOS 5 run devices quite easy. This reduces crashes and memory leaks and a host of other functions that helps in the running of apps faster.

Twitter Integration

Now users can avail a Tweet sheet and tweet directly from their apps. Get benefitted from additional features like - URL shortening, attaching current location, character count and hosting photos on Twitter. Also, when your app is a Twitter client, it can use the Twitter APIs for single sign on service. Twitter Integration renders it possible to migrate existing accounts to iOS.


One of the iPad iOS 5 features is incorporates into the set of Xcode design tools. It helps in the layout of the workforce of the apps. It makes the navigation of the apps an easy task. The apps that require tab bars to switch between views totally benefit from storyboards as it manages the view controllers efficiently. The user can specify various transitions without actually coding them.


Airplay lets user wirelessly streams multimedia from various devices to the Apple TV. It was introduced with the iOS 4 and with the iOS 5, it just got better. Users can now mirror everything on the iPad 2 device to an HDTV via the Apple TV  – automatically. With additional APIs, the apps can display separate contents on both – HDTV and iPad 2 screens.
Also, apps built with the AV Foundation are enabled in iOS 5 to stream audio and video content through AirPlay (which also supports encrypted streams that are delivered via HTTP Live Streaming)

Core Image

CoreImage is a brand new image editing tool that allows users to avail of many amazing photo effects in the camera and image editing apps. It not only lets them enhance the photographs but the videos as well via built in filters such as -  color effects, distortions and transitions and includes vital features such as – red eye correction, auto enhance and facial recognition.

Game Center

Multi-playing games just got bigger owing to the iOS 5 providing the turned-base game support. Now avid gamers can play from anywhere as the Game Center simply manages each of their turns. It automatically sends the next player a push notification via Notification Center thereby managing multiple game playing sessions. It is also possible to add players to the existing multi-player games, display achievement notification banners, and support for distinct icons for each leaderboard using this very feature.


Opel GLES 2.0 features in the iOS 5, help in development of great games. The GLKit provides a high-level framework combining the best approaches in various rendering and texture techniques. The extensions that come with it are designed specifically for advanced game developers are included within the iOS 5 SDK. Also, the OpenGL ES debugger in Xcode helps in tracking down various issues specific to the OpenGL ES in the code.


The iMessage is a brand new messaging service one of the iPad iOS 5 Features that works with on the iOS 5 devices via – 3G and Wi-Fi networks. The iMessages are automatically pushed to the iOS 5 devices that simplifies in maintaining singular conversation across – iPhone, iPad or the iPod Touch. Users can start individual or group text conversations from within their app, as the Message sheet in iOS 5 SDK supports the imessage service.

New Instruments

 iOS 5 SDK includes several new instruments such as - Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) among others like – the time profiler with CPU strategy that performs functions like -view time profiler data in a new way, system trace, network activities and the network connections instruments.

PC Free

Owing to the iCloud Storage, users of iOS 5 powered devices have the freedom and flexibility to use their devices independent of any PC or Mac. Now they can store documents and data and update them automatically through their iOS 5 based device itself. This in turn allows them to expand the functionality of apps and make the access of PC redundant.

Location simulation

Location simulation lets you test location based features in your app itself wherever you may be situated. Select from default locations and routes within the iOS simulator and pick a custom latitude and longitude with accuracy and precision as you run the simulated app.

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