iPad iOS 4.2 Update

Apple’s iPad is already a great discovery and now free iOS 4.2 Software Update for more refinement is definitely a strong move towards providing high quality user experience. This upgrade iPad iOS 4.2 is released with more than hundred features for the Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The integration of iOS 4.2 in the existing iPad device is going to rock with fresh features. The new version launch is successful style of updating, improving and repairing the existing features of all Apple devices. Addition of new features in iPad has made the iPad completely a new product. Upgrade iPad iOS 4.2 includes new features such as Multitasking is capable of making the iPad user more productive and let him to do every task more smoothly and efficiently. The most vital is saving of battery and smooth functions without disturbing (slowing down) the foreground app or existing applications. The performance of foreground apps will remain the same.

HB iPad Labs is a professional iPad Application Development Company that offer robust iPad application development at global level. HB iPad Labs is constantly providing comprehensive iPad development solutions under jurisdiction of expert iPad developers/programmers and proficient professionals at global level. So, we are dedicated to offer services like iPad iOS 4.2 Application Development and  Hire iPad iOS 4.2 App Developer.

iOS 4.2 Update includes the feature of Folders on iPad which provides more room to iPad for more applications. With the drag-and-drop facility user can easily move apps and keep them organized. This is further helpful to the user for fast accession of favorite apps. Fast printing is always needed and this time the AirPrint feature is available in the new iPad iOS 4.2 Update. This allows the iPad user to print emails, photos, web pages and documents directly from the iPad and other devices of Apple like iPhone and iPod touch. Fast and easy work of printing is possible in few taps, without any software downloading, driver installing and any cable connection. Streaming of digital media without any wires from iPad to Apple TV and AirPlay-enabled speakers is possible with new feature AirPlay. This is really a great fun for iPad user to watch movies and photos on wide screen and music on good speakers available. No worries after lost of device as now the new free feature Find My iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is available in the new iOS 4.2 update. This allows the iPad user to find the lost device easily. The iPad user can do settings for finding the lost device on map, able to display a message on its screen, able to set passcode remotely as well as able to delete the data from device and again restore the data with help of backup.  

The various other features are also increasing the power of iPad such as Accessibility enhancements, Keyboard and dictionary enhancements, Reply to calendar invitations, Notes with fonts, iTunes TV show rentals, Game Center, Even better Mail, Find text on web pages according to Apple Inc. The iPad is advanced device with various features, but custom requirements also needs to be fulfilled. We at HB iPad Labs provide various services to iPad users such as custom iPad application development, eBooks Publication Application development, iPad Games Development, Web Development for iPad Tablet, iPad Social Networking Application and you can also Hire iPad Application Developer for more specific and affordable iPad development solution.

So, if you are looking forward to  Hire iPad iOS 4.2 App Developer for iPad iOS 4.2 Application Development then HB iPad Labs is the right place for you.

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